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Garage Door Spring Repair Cost

Garage door springs may sometimes require repairs as they may break. The springs help the door openers to lift the doors. This normally means replacing a broken spring. So lets look at the garage door spring repair cost.

The types of springs used for garage doors:

  • Extension springs and
  • Torsion or Tension Spring.

Extension springs are commonly put on the light weight garage doors. They are placed on the sides of a garage door above the tracks. Torsion springs are mostly used on the doors, which open in sections. These springs are installed on the top of a garage door. They function by winding up and move the door up and down. A single door has one spring while the double doors have a pair of springs.

Spring Replacement Costs:

When you go for garage door spring repair, the repair cost involves two parts. One part is the cost of the spring and the other part is the labor cost of fixing it up. If the door has two springs and only one spring is broken, it is advisable to replace the other spring also. The other spring will also most likely give up sooner.

Cost of Buying the Springs:

garagedoortorsionspringsExtension springs are easier to get. Generally, these are available at many hardware stores and you can get a good quality brand at a price of $15-$30 each. They can work for about six years.

You can buy the torsion springs mostly from the garage door parts suppliers or garage door making companies or some suppliers on the internet. Torsion springs from these companies may cost from $ 40 to $100 each depending upon the size, quality and brand. Normally, these springs are rated for 20000 open/close cycles and last for 6 to 7 years.

Buying Garage Door Springs for Repair:

You can start to search on Google with keyword ‘garage door supply’ and find many suppliers. You may not get Torsion springs at Home Depot or Lowe’s. For buying the right spring you need to furnish the correct details about the type and size of the spring. The price will vary depending upon the quantity ordered and shipping costs may be added.

Labor Cost of Garage Door Spring Repair:

gargaedoorextensionspringsThe professional cost of repairing the garage door springs will vary with the number of springs, the type of spring, and the place where you reside. Generally, the mid-range cost for the repairs for one or two extension springs will be $100-$125. It will be cheaper to repair extension springs. The installation of 1 or 2 torsion springs will normally lie between $150 and $200.

The labor cost involves a significant amount for installing a torsion spring. The total cost will vary in a range of $30-$250, in case you do the repair the springs yourself. However, the likely replacement cost will be $100-$400 if you like to use the services of a professional to replace the new springs.

Cost of Repairing the Garage Door Yourself:

No doubt, you can save a lot of amount by replacing the garage door springs yourself. You may require about ½ to 1 hour for replacing the expansion springs and save $ 100 – $150 provided you have the skills and know the correct procedure.

A skilled and experienced person will need about 2-3 hours for repairing the torsion springs. Most professionals conversant with this repair work advice only to engage the experienced professionals and pay to do the spring installation. Repairing the springs, particularly the torsion spring is extremely risky. It can cause severe injuries. If you get it done by a professional, even the warranties will be valid. Having a professional do the garage door spring repair makes sense in the majority of cases.

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